About Us

Latouch comes from the two co-founders common wish of having digital to serve the physical music revival . Vinyl and turntable sales are going through the roof for the past 3 years in Europe but we found necessary to offer an alternative service to the big and impersonal marketplaces already in place to discover or re-discover music. Latouch offers the opportunity to choose between different music sections and receive at home a selection of records matching your tastes and most importantly curated by music genius! Record shops, Labels, DJs, Festivals, specialized media are all here to share with you their golden nuggets in addition to some gifts to discover in each box! This is a great opportunity for the new aficionados now listening actively to music to start a record collection but without forgetting to regularly visit the closest record shop around! :D
Our goal at Latouch is to become the main platform for music discovery and curation for users and the best visibility and engagement tool for our partners.